Radio WORM schedule 13.09.21—19.09.21

Maandag 13 september

1200 Rewind Even terugspoelen, repeat rewind. Nynke in gesprek over met kunstenaars in de stad over historie met hulp van muziek, attributen en stories wordt het verleden weer opgewekt. 

1300 random radio

1400  Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival Radio Guido De Groot praat en draait de nodige bluegrass muziek

1600 random radio

1700 HERRIE BIJ DE KOFFIE Alterations, tensions, propulsions, and responses. A weekly interface between sound and resistance with Aleksandra

1900 RE-CHILDING with Ege Şahin: an assemblage of live-electronic improv, ambient music and dazed poetry where the sea is a desert of waves

2000 Nightly Manifesto Two queer humans trying to learn with, grow with, inform with a variety of voices. something dug up. Embodied knowledge? something brought up. Unheard Research? something nurtured. Thoughtful growth? Tackling bias? We think through talking and seek to reimagine the status quo. With room for error of course

2100 random radio

2200 10 voor 010 Rotterdam 10 toffe nummers van Rotterdamse bodem, met Thomas Harteveld


Dinsdag 14 september

1100 Smoothieman Comes Alive At the margins of experimental impro spiritism open source ectoplasmic. What is in de bottle of the Smoothyman? With Vincent Denieul & Lukas Simonis

1200 Weird part of the morning New sounds with Maciek Domaradzki

1300 An old and a new show from the radia network, a community of stations around the globe that make radio in new and forgotten ways… are you up for it?

1400 Dr Klangendum radio art & beyond, with Lukas Simonis

1500 random radio

1700 Grof Folklore Unpolished and raw sounds from all around the globe with Robert Kroos

1800 Narratives in songwriting with Dan Fogarty: A bi-weekly magazine show looking at narrative in its broadest sense and its collusion with songs.

1900 WORM Pirate Bay 

2000 MEMES a show by Allie & Francis about memes: what do they look like, how much you should feed ’em, how can they be kept safe & warm

2100 Drone Candy Uw gastheer is Reinhold Bogaard Uw gastheer is Reinhold Bogaard.  Voor Drone Candy probeer ik telkens tracks te zoeken die fijn met elkaar combineren. Vandaag luisteren we naar muziek van Thisquietarmy en N.

2200 Ever Widening Circles with Linus B and Ash K

2300 Electronic Merz with Moritz Geremus: The end of world could happen any week and this show will help you get accustomed to the thought. Electronic music from the spectrum of techno to noize and breakbeat. Live instruments are a possible visitor.


Woensdag 15 september

1100 Woensdag bij Winter met Ivan Winter

1200 a continuous present you know it no is a continuous present Solo, live, nonstop languaging as autotheory by Antrianna Moulouta

1300 random radio

1400 Radio Per Ongeluk interviews, live sessies, alternative music with DJ Ego & Xenia

1600 Cinema Colombiano Música de tierra caliente, con Mitze Apocalipze y Chucho Vinilo!

1800 Wednesday doesn’t exist with BenKult: Henrietta Muller in denial of wednesdays! Art & music & inspiration.

2000 DJ Wanneer Jacco Weener presents non-stop religious music

2100 Hans Tweedehands Rotterdams bekendste platenvertreter Hans van Hoffe laat zijn licht schijnen over oude en nieuwe muziek

2200 I forgot how to dance An interactive playground through waves in space: avant-garde/jazz/trip hop/electronic with Iloy & Nils


Donderdag 16 september

1100 Sound Experience with Lieuwe Zelle

1200 All Weather w Marius

1300 Omwijs Op zoek naar inspiratiebronnen. Muziek vanuit vele richtingen, met (soms) Ruurd & (altijd) Tim

1400 RE#SISTER Radio with Mariëtte Groot: spotlight op vrouwen in de avant garde.

1500 random radio

1600 Radio Orca music from the Jan Rodenburg vaults, forward in all directions

1700 Hoekboud Michael Lewis: Draai enkel vinyl en behoor tot het eclastieke geloof; uit van alles het beste en rekbaar. Play only vinyl and adhere to the eclastic faith; out of many the best and stretching it.

1800 Squish An organic spontaneous open mic programme featuring queer and LGBT+ people from the local creative scene, with Aubane Squish

1900 HORIZON with the Mighty Gerson & Rowan van As. Lost and found horizons within an artful and soundlike context

2000 DET Thursday An immersive journey into a wormhole of curated music, forgotten movies and ideators, guided weekly by DET aka Auryn and Ruta

2200 random radio

2300 FOMO FM w Sjoerd van den Berg


Vrijdag 17 september

1200 Sonosphere Lucija Gregov

1300 Woodstone Kugelblitz Apocalyptic Community Art

1400 Earbitten with Radboud Mens, intelligent electronics & beyond

1600 Tada! Plantwave with Buxusbitch

1700 Fucking Good Art Radio Shelter for daydreams: a weekly series of field-recordings, excursions, reportages, talks, readings and contributions. How do we want to live? What role can art play in this?

1800 De HiFi Show with Janpier Brands, international popmusic listening experience

1900 Mixed Business Sonic experiments, outsider products, outtakes, trash, mind control, memes etc. mixed by Florian Cramer

2000 Clube Baixo Augusta DJ Nico Ockerse met vooral Indy Muziek uit Zuid Amerika

2100 DöRöT’s Undulating Frescoes As in savoring ceilings of sounds [while potentially staring at actual ones by Suzana Lașcu


Zaterdag 18 september

1100 Pride w Lieuwe Zelle: on older LGBTIQ+ people and coming out and going back in the  closet

1400 random radio

2000 Malafide Records De clubcultuur naar voren brengend door middel van dj sets, interviews, en livesets 

2200 random radio

2300 Dubdive Radio w Todd Bryant


Zondag 3 October

2000-2200 RE-CHILDING with Ege Şahin: an assemblage of live-electronic improv, ambient music and dazed poetry where the sea is a desert of waves

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