Radio Makers: RADIO PER ONGELUK with DJ’s Ego and Xenia

RADIO PER ONGELUK (RadPO) with DJ's Ego and Xenia.

DJ Ego has a way of finding artists on the more obscure realm of the Dutch/German musical landscape. He enjoys inviting them over at RadPO for a live performance and a quick chat on their latest projects, releases and live activities.

As singer and bass player DJ Xenia has a direct line with underground artists from noise to more experimental corners of the music industry. Her own taste is cheap, fickle and all over the place, which provides a quick pace of genre-turns throughout the show. Try to keep up!

Wednesdays 14-16:00 on Radio WORM

We make room for randomness and coincidence here at Radio Per Ongeluk.

“Recently we bumped into Michael Jackson, who was roaming the ether. He just started speaking and singing to us through WORM Radio. Michael has been a regular guest since.

Hans Tweedehands is another frequent guest here at RadPO. Sharing with us some of his incredible vinyl collection and extensive knowledge on each record he has.”


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