Internet the Musical – Watch for Free!

Dear friends, users, modems & interfaces,

The latest edition of: Internet the Musical in co-production with O. Festival, WORM and Questions Collective is coming up on 26th August, 2021. This post is a special invite for you to join us, on screen!

So: make a date. 26th AUGUST – JOIN OUR SHOW ONLINE for FREE / GRATIS

There will be a broadcast of the show, which is through ZOOM. Here are the links below!

Zoom invite links

1st SHOW SIGN IN: 16:30 – 16:45
Time: Aug 26, 2021 16:30 PM, Rotterdam

Join Online Audience

Meeting ID: 875 8612 0539
Passcode: Internet


2nd SHOW SIGN IN: 18:30 – 18:45
Time: Aug 26, 2021 18:30 PM Rotterdam

Join Online Audience

Meeting ID: 812 4585 8742
Passcode: Internet

Taking Part

There is an option to take part too – this is something which is as easy as turning on or off your camera. For more info about taking part please follow this link.

Physical Tickets

If you want to see the show live at WORM, you can buy a ticket from the official O. site.