What is UBIK? We don't know but it's UBIK for sure!
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UBIK is our playground for performance artists from all kinds of disciplines (theater, visual arts, dance, circus, occult fictional disciplines). After testing things out for one year, we reshaped the space into an avantgardistic gym where performers come to train and take the next step in their work. There’s a 12*13 meters sprung floor with a mobile stage in the middle, and a small kitchen. No tribune, the public surrounds the stage or spreads through the space.

The UBIK space finds itself on the left side of your consciousness and in the middle of the dark side of WORM.  Inspired by the sci-fi novel UBIK, where a spray in half-death-half-life makes everything possible, UBIK space is a black box for makers that can transform into a boxing club.

What we find interesting in boxing, is that a fixed set of rules creates a wide range of possibilities to fight. The start is clear, but the end is open. Public is not watching from a distance, but is standing around and forms an important part of the game. This is what we are looking for in today’s performance art: not the repeating of a fixed project, but playing around with rules, experimental research and the energy of the “first time”.

“The body” and “playing rules” form the basis of this organic playground. We call it: Art Physique.

It’s not merely about the moving body. It’s the critical body. The body that is looking for a possible dance.

In the upcoming season we will focus more on rule-based performance nights, with open endings. We will also invite more different kinds of artists to work together, to share experience and mix with each other. We find UBIK has it’s place in Rotterdam, in between academy life and bigger theater/art institutes. It’s the black hole in your early career. We are open to people of all disciplines who are in search of the next step. Want to get something done? Wake up to UBIK and be wild! Send us your project: ubik@worm.org