WORM Slash Gallery

S/ASH GA\\ERY: een high turnover presentatieruimte voor kunst van nu

S/ASH GA\\ERY is not a white cube (unless you want to see it that way).  It used to be a garage, and still today we like to invite the street inside –and go into the streets of Rotterdam. We want to show the energy of contemporary art, by organizing constantly changing presentations, performance events, and by inviting (international) residents to make site specific installations and to collaborate with local artists and neighbors. Interaction, exchange, research and political playfulness is what we are looking for.

S/ASH GA\\ERY shares its space with The Performance Bar in Boomgaardsstraat 69, Rotterdam. The combination makes it into a night gallery, where passengers and public for the Performance Bar finds itself suddenly in a gallery that is open until 2 am.