WORM Residency Hull City of Culture 2017

WORM was invited to host a weekend-long residency at Humber Street Gallery during Hull City of Culture, 23-25th June, 2017.

WORM’s residency was based round the key themes of ‘Meetings’ and ‘Interactions’. Local artists, the general public and WORM’s crew came together in Humber Street Gallery to meet, have fun and create new work. Stories and experiences about both cities were swapped. Poetry and songs were made in the boxing ring with Olympic champions and fish and chip shop owners. Dancers, performers, light artists and musicians transformed the gallery’s ground floor into a countercultural club; where viewers became performers. Transnational soundscapes were the result of a marriage between three counter-cultural archives from the two cities.

We hope you can get a taste of the atmosphere in the three-story gallery space, during what turned out to be a very special weekend.

WORM, Rotterdam:
Charlien Andriessens, Gerrit Jos van Beek, Florian Bortslap, Janpier Brands, Daniel van den Broeke, Marco Broeders, Shalita Dietrich, Richard Foster, Joris Frowein, Pleun Gremmen, Niek Hilkmann, Marije van Horik, Kolijn Jagersma, Michiel Klein, Gari Koolen, Mathijs van Oosterhoudt, Jeroen Rijnart, Piupiu-Maya Turei, Frédéric van de Velde, Marijn Verbiesen, Arie van Vliet, Louis van der Waal, Jacco Weener, Imke Zeinstra.

Production: Doortje Luca

Hull & UK:
The Animal Sister, Graham Beck, Nick Boldock, Counting to Zero, Dorian Cox, Glen Davidson, East Hull Amateur Boxing Club, GRACE GRACE GRACE, GROUND Collective, Elise Hadgraft, Sue Holston, JAMBO, Kenneth Jilles, MAMBO, David MacClean, William Vinegrad, Vulcan Boxing Club and Learning Centre, YOL. Other sources: Hull’s churches and the Maritime Museum.