During the month of July 2023, from the vibrant and culturally rich cities of Den Haag and Rotterdam creatives came together in a celebration of art, music, and creativity at the “KAZEMAT: WORM X ACHTERBAN” multidisciplinary festival.

Hosted by WORM ‘Open City,’ ACHTERBAN, at the location of Waterkant, this festival was a testament to the power of collaboration and the desire to forge deeper connections between these two dynamic cities. The festival spanned from the 12th to the 30th of July and took place at the enchanting Waterkant venue in Den Haag.

This event brought together a diverse array of artists, both emerging and established, from both Den Haag and Rotterdam. The festival’s mission was to provide a platform for various artistic mediums, including multimedia installations, live performances, music events, and DJ sets. It served as a melting pot for creativity, fostering the exchange of experiences and ideas among artists and audiences alike. As a result, “KAZEMAT: WORM X ACHTERBAN” not only showcased the artistic talents of these two cities but also created a unique space for networking and cultural exchange.

Furthermore, the collaboration among the three organising parties—WORM ‘Open City,’ ACHTERBAN, and Waterkant—brought an added layer of richness to the festival. These organisations learned from each other, blending their expertise and perspectives to offer their platform to artists from multiple backgrounds and mediums. The festival featured an impressive array of artistic expressions, from video art to interactive installations, with many of these exhibits on display for multiple days. This commitment to supporting a wide range of artistic practices underscored the festival’s dedication to inclusivity and diversity within the arts.

The choice of the Waterkant venue added a distinctive flavour to the festival. Nestled along the waterside, this location offered a serene and picturesque backdrop for the artistic endeavours that unfolded during the daytime festival. With its laid-back café-kitchen-bar, park-side ambiance, and even a WW2 bunker featuring three rooms, Waterkant provided an exceptional setting for the diverse array of artistic expressions that graced the festival’s stages and spaces.

In curating “KAZEMAT: WORM X ACHTERBAN,” the organizers aimed to acknowledge and celebrate the common artistic and social connections, cultural needs, and tempo shared by Den Haag and Rotterdam. Through this multidisciplinary festival, they successfully bridged the gap between these two cities, nurturing a vibrant artistic community while enriching the cultural landscape of the region. This event was a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended, and further cementing the bond between Den Haag and Rotterdam in the realm of multidisciplinary art.

Some of the artists who participated during this first edition: 

Guido Bouwman / Installation

Heidi Hörsturz / Audio visual installation

Sam Janssen / Installation

Smila – Bouwbak / Interactive Playground

Bailey Mees / Vinyl Installation

Mathias Cartier + Gyorfi Kata / Video-Poetry installation


J.Theodore, Zamba, BenKult, Princess K, Kavian, Youki Flu, Tjetjoebetja, K Cidder, Pettson, Dj Gido.