Zoetropic Sympoiesis: group expo Day 5

Art & expo - Wed 20 March 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 12:00
End → 20:00

Welcome to Zoetropic Sympoiesis,

An exploration of the spaces we navigate daily, from the plethoric mass production stores to the intricate fabric of our urban environment.

These spaces, meticulously designed to fit predetermined moulds, often leave little room for personalisation, interventions, or alterations. They are a canvas painted by researched habits and curated for efficiency, stripping away the unique identities of the creatures that inhabit them.

In this event, we invite you to question the essence of these spaces and the artefacts they house. As economic production mechanisms intertwine with the psychic production of desires, what narratives emerge through the artisanal objects that grace markets and fairs? Who are the makers constructing a fantasy over the art/object dichotomy?

Zoetropic Sympoiesis is not just an exhibition; it’s a living entity, a space evolving day by day.

Seven Rotterdam-based artists will transform the gallery into a ‘studio space,’ blurring the lines between the process of creation, conceptualisation, and experimentation. Here, the value lies not only in the final, polished works but also in the raw, evolving journey.

Over two weeks, this on process exhibition invites you to witness the artists as they react to each other’s traditionally exhibited pre-made works. New artefacts will emerge in situ, capturing the essence of the moment and documenting the conception, feedback, and visitor input. The unfolding timeline will weave into a publication, immortalising the collaborative dialogue between viewer, artist and artwork.

Step into Zoetropic Sympoiesis, where the gallery transcends into a realm of constant transformation, celebrating the beauty of creation and the interconnectedness of space, art, and multiple viabilities.

You can visit the expo and the process of the artists in the following dates, as the space and works are changing:
OPENING: 14th March 19:00-21:00
OPEN for visit: 15/16/17/20/21/22/23 March 12:00-20:00

Come by and enjoy the transformation!


Within collective and autonomous work, an art degree is perceived to be enough of a reason to pray for their future and present practice in visual culture. Currently in their unapologetic era of body horror, Oni is obsessed with drawing because it comes out way easier but also writing fiction and non fiction as a coping mechanism. Become a diverse artist they said, it would be fun they said. The therapeutic side of sharing or doing things with their hands such as costumes, tattooing, haircutting and a deep desire to fall in a film/theatre practice to combine set design, music and body movement performance . Although the full truth is that they want to engage more in activist spaces regarding animal liberation and drag within video essays and zines, they are also biased with being a functional being in a society.

Ivet Todorova
My name is Ivet and I am a graphic designer, researcher, illustrator and storyteller. My art and design practice revolves around visually decoding and reconstructing social and cultural topics through multidisciplinary techniques. My current research interests focus on the formation and manifestation of visual culture on the Balkans. By exploring the urban environment and documenting it via various mediums I create collective portraits of spaces and non-spaces.
The mediums I work with are not only digital, but also tactile. With the help of pixels, RISO, clay, paper, fabric, concrete I explore the materiality of the projects I am diving into. The outcome shape of my practice shifts from hybrid publications and posters to interactive installations.


Luna Bongers
Luna is an artistic researcher and visual artist based in Rotterdam. In her work, she explores how our current norms and dominant ways of thinking are embedded and perpetuated in urban space. Through video installations, sculptures, and multi-media paintings she aims to address and critique the power structures present in our cities. She mainly draws inspiration from feminist, post-human and new materialist theories; turning complex ideas into introspective, absurd and often humorous creations.

Noor Boiten
Noor (Utrecht, 1999) is a research-driven visual artist working with mixed-media video installations. In their practice they explore themes associated with digital (image) culture, including gender, autonomy and consumerism. By combining, and moving fluidly in between different mediums like sculpture, video, 3D-animation, text and photography, they question our relation with the digital spaces we inhabit. Through their fascination with the (im)materiality of these online spaces, they draw parallels to our interaction with our offline, urban surroundings, and the people, things and ideas we collide with within them.


Rutger van der Weerd
(Arnhem, 1998) In my work, I am captivated by the concept of silence, both visually and sonically. As our world becomes increasingly inundated with noise and chaos, I seek to find and document spaces of respite through my art. This motivated by a critical look on today’s society where economic growth is prioritised over societal and environmental well-being.

Zoe Prasinou
Routing through the Athenian networks, I’ve crafted an art practice rooted in antonyms, blending urban and rural experiences. Life and art intertwine, shaped by Greece’s economic crisis and my move to the Netherlands. Nostalgia, introspection, and accessibility underpin my works, manifesting in writing, video, painting, performance, and zine making. Reflecting on past actions, moments that have passed, I explore how the experiences register in my perception. Thus, narrating intricate webs of thoughts, emotions, and spaces defines my conceptual art practice. Embracing post-human and poetic thinking, my art transcends material value, prioritising engagement with feeling, emotion, psyche, and community.