Yarrow Ballet

Club - Thu 16 May 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 21:00
End → 02:00

Yarrow Ballet is a young Rotterdam based record label founded by Ofra.

Line up
Dim Garden (live)
Piouxsie (live)

Dim Garden
Captivated by the North Sea, its dune landscape and surrounding dark forests, Dim Garden’s musical endeavours expand into swampy synthesis, gothic electronic experimentation, bedroom ballads and field recordings. Together with RJM Vanderheyden, Dim Garden co-runs the DIY independent label Hunger!. The pair also perform and record as the industrial and power electronics duo Baglover.

is a The Hague-based duo using analogue synthesizers, distorted samples and poignant vocals. Their dystopian universe derives from gritty electronic industrial to heavy and dramatic body moving electro. Through their cinematic view they deliver heart-wrenching delicate melodies. Something to dance, make love or cry to.

Through the dark corridors of post-punk and cold wave, to electro and synthpop – G4Yfx is always finding ways to make the room dancing like its an 80s goth club.

Rotterdam-based Ofra is a record digger who loves to share her music always and anytime, whether it’s through an intimate listening radio show or a steamy nightclub set.
A lover of (Synth)Wave, New Beat, EBM, Techno, and Electro, she also holds a special place for Punk and Shoegaze music. Over the years, she has developed her own rich music palette as a DJ and curator. Ofra’s eyes and ears are extra alert when curating programs to connect artists and music lovers. She co-founded the Rotterdam-based online radio station Operator and recently started her own label, Yarrow Ballet.