#Wunderbar Window Expo / Kollection Kitsch #6: ROOT x Klokpack6ix

free expo / ROOT and Klokpack6ix
Art & expo - Thu 21 March 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 18:00
End → 23:00

Our Window Expo series continues with OG curators – it’s Kollection Kitsch, edition no.6!
Come to enjoy&admire the works – they will inhabit the display windows of #Wunderbar for the next 2 months.

Kollection Kitsch is having its first existential crunch. We won’t bleach our hair, buy an expensive car, or become goat cheesemakers in the French countryside. Instead, our mission is to invade more spaces with our displays full of weird, cute and tacky art.

ig: @kollectionkitsch

For this last edition at WORM, we’ve invited two artist collectives, Root and klokpack6ix, to take the reins as we focus on strategizing our future expansion through our beloved Rotterdam. Root and klokpack6ix curated another cute and disturbing program providing a fitting farewell, full of love, to our time at WORM.

After their successful first date last October ROOT and Klokpack6ix will reunite at Kollection Kitsch for our second date! The two collectives, one more visual based and one more audio based, make up for a super cute couple. Come join them on their romantic adventure with two flirty performances and a line up of hot artists. This collaboration came forth from love and spontaneity, like any good date should be. They decided to meet up at Kollection Kitsch, see you there. 💗

ROOT is a design and art collective made up from fashion designers, product designers, fine artists, tattoo artists, DJ’s and graphic designers.

In the past few years ROOT has been actively hosting exhibitions, pop-ups and parties. Our goal is to bring the world of design and art together, and make it more accessible. We have hosted our own events in public spaces such as parks and plazas. Next to this our works were also featured in Dutch Design Week and Rotterdam Art week.

Our collective is based on collaboration, experimentation and having fun. Creating new things in unity is always one of our goals.

ig: @root.url

Klokpack6ix is an Arnhem-based music and art collective with more than twenty members. A ‘mixed media clusterfuck’ (their words) of young musicians, performers, designers, and other artists. During Kollection Kitch, they will present their chaotic mix of loud beats, cute synths, bright colors, left-field humor, and extravagant clothes in the form of an exhibition and two Mixtape Shows, which will feature various acts from the collective.

ig: @klokpack6ix

18:00-20:00 ambient DJ set by ROOT (tappie and bobbin)
20:00-20:45 klokpack mixtape show 1
20:45-21:00 bingo
21:00-21:45 klokpack mixtape show 2
22:00-23:00 ROOT ending DJ set (kyra and spiidi)

Swing by and spin your heads!