#Wunderbar Window Expo // Unending Ductility

Window expo // Unending Ductility // Free Event
Art & expo - Thu 23 May 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 18:00
End → 23:00

Unending Ductility is the newest installation in the continuing Window Expo Series together with artistic duo Tevin Blancheville & Nikki Jansen. To be displayed in windows of #Wunderbar for the next 2 months.

Step into a explorative world where trash becomes treasure…

Tevin Blancheville is a fashion designer that also emerges as a storyteller. His journey begins in Curaçao, where challenges nurtured the seeds of his indomitable spirit and colourful designs.

In his successful collection Fodder ‘22’, he unveiled a collection that resonated deeply with audiences. With the designs he made sensitive issues like geopolitics and the use of propaganda visual, which earned him acclaim at Dutch Design Week, FashionClash and Het Schoenenkwartier. Now, in collaboration with his partner, they are on the verge of launching Konose—a platform dedicated to impactful visual narratives. The fusion of a fashion designer’s artistry and a social worker’s focus on societal issues creates a dynamic duo poised to bring about tangible change. Nikki Jansen assumes the role of creative director and all-round producer, complementing Tevin’s creative design prowess. Together, they will craft Konose into a testament to stories that resonate and drive meaningful dialogue.

*Beginning with the poignant tale of plastic waste, Konose invites you to join the journey within it’s threads for there lies the power to transform minds and spark conversations. Keep your eyes peeled! *

IG: @Tevin Nikki

Nico As a music and sound maker, I am interested in exploring unconventional ways of creating and experiencing music, so at Unending Ductibility I will be presenting an algorithmically composed work that will provide the soundscape for Wunderbar. Music and sound are powerful mediums to build meaning and give perspective. I see them as necessary aids in the process of deconstruction, and transformation, demanded by the consequences of our current socio-economic system. In Holocene Extinction Records, Vol. 1 I focus on the issue of climate change: it aims to serve as an archive and presentation on the negative impact we have on our world.
I will also be performing a multi-genre set to lighten the mood :), bringing you beats from spain, panamerica and the caribbean!

IG: Nico

18:00-20:00 Holocene Extinction Records, Vol 1 (Sound Installation)
20:00-23:00 Nico DJ set

Join us for an exhibition that’s sure to frame your imagination!