Rituals for Decolonization

In this workshop you are invited to develop a personal and communal understanding of ancestry rooted in spiritual practices.
Workshop - Wed 15 March 2023
Start → 19:00
End → 22:00

In this workshop you are invited to develop a personal and communal understanding of ancestry rooted in spiritual practices of meditation, writing, body movement, dance, multi-sensorial stimulation, altar making, and group talks.

The aim is to create a decolonial safer space where we can develop an understanding of what communal healing could look like in a society that is continuously coming into existence through colonialism. The history and reality of different people who were forced to migrate still exist in systems today, in which people are being marginalized, oppressed and excluded. You will be prepared with exercises that are inspired by Butoh, Body Weather, Gnawa and Zar, bringing us to bodies that do not exist anymore, the soul inside of us, towards the politicized body in which we exist. We explore how our bodies relate, and how the transcendental exists within the presence of a group. We will work on a consciousness of how to get into this state and find your own path towards controlling or letting go. 

This workshop will center Queer, Black/Brown, Indigenous, People of Color, but is open to anyone mindful of the experiences of QBIPOC being centered. No prior experience is required, but it is in your own advantage if you identify yourself with the fight for decolonization.

Before the workshop you are requested to conduct short homework assignments in order to collect writings through which you meditate on the relationship with your ancestors, and to collect elements for your personal altar.

About The Facilitator:

Fazle Shairmahomed

Fazle Shairmahomed creates decolonizing rituals, performance art, and dance. Their work is rooted in ancestral work and intersectional activism. Through the urgency of community building their work creates spaces in which different communities are invited to nurture conversations around colonialism and the ways in which it has impacted our histories and the ways in which it exists today. The multi-sensorial approach in their work also challenges the ways in which we perceive the world around us through themes such as death, rebirth, ancestry, belonging, colonial histories, and healing. Since 2013 they are also one of the members of CLOUD danslab, an artist-run dance studio which supports research and practice of dance, movement, and performance art in the Hague. 


This Workshop is free of charge, registration needed only!

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