workshop optics in image & sound

physiology of perception - Jan Kulka
Workshop - Tue 30 January 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 11:00
End → 17:30

Physiology of Perception – A hands-on workshop about optics in image & sound by Jan Kulka (CZ)
This is a 2-day hands-on workshop guided by, this year IFFR guest, filmmaker Jan Kulka.
Date: Tuesday 30 & Wednesday 31 January from 11.00 till ± 17.00
Location: WORM, Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam

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Jan Kulka will start the workshop with a personal introduction on optics in image & sound
Not with a technical or rational approach, but to inspire that optics is more then lenses, focal length, aperture, diffractions or mathematical formulas. With this introduction he would like to bring in etymology, phenomenology, philosophy, but also a humor and playfulness. One can’t avoid being silly anyway, so let’s get a bit loose and enjoy the fact that for a filmmaker optics can be also pretty romantic or deeply mystical experience. The original greek Optikós is a concept incorporating anything related to seeing, which is obviously essential for a film medium as such. But what were the concepts of seeing in various cultures through human history? Optics is also about the endlessly fascinating mystery of the light itself.

“ I’d like to invite all curious minds to join me in this playful, extremely plentiful and inspiring game as such approach has been an underlying foundation to my whole creative practice for years”

Then it can go more technical, as I guess the lab people are quite advanced in this area. About building or modifying the projectors. Using LEDs, or stepper motors, servos etc.. Or what I came to with the archeoscope (re-thinking the technical standards and the creative consequences…) (this can also start with the very basics of optics and motion image principles (inventing your own "human projector" on the spot using the basic elements, what I usually do with students without any experience with analog stuff, so that might me a bit basic for you, but also possibly fun and interesting too, depends on the expectations 🙂 )

Jan Kulka (1985) is a Prague-based experimental filmmaker and a graduate of Editing department at the FAMU. His primary focus is the invention of special projection apparatuses for live performances. Rather than telling a story, he tries to target the senses of each spectator directly with light and sound to reveal some of the foundations of our perception.

Jan Kulka at IFFR Sunday 28 January in WORM – sound//vision starting at 21.00 more info