WAS IST DAS PROBLEM?! (Werkstatt Kassel x WORM)

one's trash is another's treasure! soziokulturellefreiraume - FREE
Art & expo - Wed 12 July 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 13:00
End → 19:00

On this day the Foyer of our Wunderbar will be the shared playground for WORM and Werkstatt Kassel (DE). Spontaneous performances, collective (sci fi) writing, community sewing on the tablecloth, and live radio shows: get down, get involved!

In september 2022, a group of Rotterdam based performance- and intervention artists (Werner van der Zwan, Jip van der Hek, Sachia Pereira-Stolle, Contemporary Glory, Fleur Wortman and Wolf Engelen) went to Kassel for a residency to experience Werkstatt’s "Soziokulturellefreiraume" (social-cultural free space). Informal meetings led to new performances and collaborations, including an artistic protest campaign concerning the choice of Kassel-city to change all trash bins into underground containers, making it impossible for homeless people to find recycable cans and empty bottles, or other means to survive (sounds familiar to Rotterdam locals?). Now Werkstatt is visiting Rotterdam!

The Social-culture-centre Werkstatt (Kassel, DE) was founded in 1977 in the aftermath of the Documenta VI. its founding collective aspired to continue the exploration of certain ideas the 1977 art exhibition had brought: first and foremost, the concepts of the "social sculpture" and the "free international university" by Joseph Beuys. Besides Beuys, the early collaboration with Rudi Dutschke and Robert Junk had a lasting impact on Werkstatt’s development. It works on a non-profit basis, offering a combination of social and creative support for neuro-diverse locals, from a de-medicalizing faith and a deep belief in the power of co-creation. Werkstatt’s core values are: basic-democratic, sustainability and humaneness. Werkstatt regularly hosts concerts, exhibitions, performances as well as academic or artistic lectures and discussions. Through its so called Autoren-cafe (writers cafe) founded in 1978, the Werkstatt became particularly active on the poetic and literary field.

Together with Wolf Engelen and De Wijkcollectie (Museum Rotterdam) we are working on a sustainable exchange.