INTERRUPCIÓN #2: Cosmica Bandida, Carolo, Kauê Werner & Edgar Nevermoo

Concert - Thu 13 June 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 00:00

INTERRUPCIÓN returns to WORM for another tropical Thursday dedicated to vintage cumbia and other music genres and avant-garde experiments from Latin America and its diaspora.

“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!”

INTERRUPCIÓN II provides another vital dose of Latin American music for all you nocturnal creatures. Behold: we have Cosmica Bandida, tropical vampires from Munich / Colombia who combine space disco with dark cumbia rhythms. Carolo meanwhile is an indestructible terminator armed with drum sticks walking the streets of Buenos Aires. And Kauê Werner will summon mysterious sounds from deep within the amazonian rain forest. DJ Edgar Nevermoo completes this adventurous lineup and brings a wild selection of Latin-American rhythms on vinyl.

Cosmica Bandida
Cosmica Bandida’s debut studio album "Lagrimas Saladas" is an amalgam of sounds influenced by the diverse backgrounds of the members, who find themselves in Munich: a city where the leftovers of cosmic music and 70s disco meet cumbia and tropical vampirism. Dark cumbia and psychedelic music collide with the moods of space disco in an album that engages the body. Cosmica Bandida is a Colombian-German transdisciplinary art collective and band exploring the materiality of sound through installations, objects and performances. In the music the artist duo combines analog synthesizers and space disco moods with rhythmical patterns inspired by the Colombian traditional cumbia, psychedelic Peruvian chicha, electronic beats and modular sounds.

We know Carola Zelaschi as the powerful drummer of the avant-garde experimental noise punk band Blanco Teta, who gave two memorable shows in WORM in recent years. Now we are honoured that she will return with her solo project in which she sees herself as an anti-hero character – Carolo, a terminator roaming the streets of Buenos Aires. "The germ of Carolo is the Internet. It is dissociation, overstimulation, what we take in and what we discard from data, images and sounds. Reflecting on what we do or don’t do with it all. To link the most improbable cases and transform them into something else, something else and something else. Collage in an infinite reinvention. I gradually discovered the thread and worked those micro and macro sound ideas to resurrect their dead zones, which were made of garbage and transform them into a dystopian techno porteño."

Kauê Werner
Kauê Werner is an acoustician, musician and sound artist that explores the wide range of existing sound generation, interpretation and manipulation techniques, from synthetic digital information to raw acoustic sources. Currently his focus is on performances and compositions related to biophonic niches of natural soundscapes. Therefore, in this event, there will be a performative construction of a synthetic sonic ecology inspired by the animal orchestra of amazonian soundscapes, featuring synthesizer beings that inhabit the Worm Sound Studio!

Edgar Nevermoo
The tireless DJ Edgar Nevermoo is a familiar face to visitors of the Cinema Colombiano film festival and INTERRUPCIÓN. He’s a vinyl collector and connoisseur who will bring some of his finest South American records to the turntables.

Hosted by Mitze Apocalipze (Cinema Colombiano Radio)
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Poster by Kevin Simón Mancera