VHVR #4 Radio Hito, Blueblut, Zea met Harald Austbø & Ineke Duivenvoorde

mismatch = perfectfit
Concert - Fri 10 May 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 00:00


For over a decade Blueblut have continued to be one of most intriguing and unusual trios with their pick-and-mix sound world that grabs and gobbles up the best of everything it encounters. Here the intensity of rock and the space and openness of electronica meets the razor-sharp precision and wild improvisation of jazz. Prolific collaborator and drummer Mark Holub is joined by Pamelia Stickney, one of the most in-demand theremin players. The third and final member is guitarist and instrument-inventor, Chris Janka. They create music that is fun, free and at times fierce, direct from the Viennese underground. Swirling funfair-like melodies and ideas will fly past and around you, at incredible speed – the stuff we like best!

In Blueblut’s now ten year history, they have wowed audiences across Europe, Japan and South America on their relentless touring, being described as “…the most effective wake-up call you could ever experience” by taste-maker blog Louder Than War and picking up praise across the pond with the Brooklyn Rail(U.S.) declaring “Most of these tunes come across like highly abstracted, well-executed cover versions of pop songs that never were.” As well as featuring on the ‘German Record Critics’ Award’ quarterly ‘Critics Choice’ list, “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik”.

Radio Hito
Days and nights, living in the clarity of mind and voice : Radio Hito’s pensive compositions get stripped down to the bare elements while still retaining the solemn power of truth. The words of others gain meaning of their own through a contemplatively personal rendition whose simplicity manages to brim with endless poetic possibility. (GGR)

LINE-UP – Zen My Nguyen : voice, casio or piano, keyboards

Zea / minimal, eclectic, strange-edge, poetic.

Zea is Arnold de Boer, born and raised in Friesland, based in Amsterdam. His music is at times intimate, heart felt, poetic, at other times highly energetic, urgent, obstinate and driven on syncopating trance-like guitar play. On special request from WORM he will play this concert with two very appreciated guests -who also play on his new album ‘We Are Still Each Other’s Only Hope’, Harald Austbø -on cello & Ineke Duivenvoorde -on drums. Arnold de Boer (Makkum, 1974) started Zea as a band in 1995. He plays guitar, trumpet, synths and beat machines and sings in English as well as in his mother tongue Fries (Frisian). In 2003 Zea became a duo and since 2009 Zea is De Boers solo project. He tours all over the planet where he meets a curious audience that might not literally understand but does comprehend the message, feeling and poetry of his -frisian- songs.

Zea has played more than 2000 concerts in more than 40 different countries on six continents. De Boer releases his music on his own label called Makkum Records. He organises, books, plays, records, mixes, drives, sells, masters and listens completely independent from the main-stream music industry and will continue to do so since he believes the music business is like poison for the soul. Zea has been working with musicians from all over the world. De Boer joined Dutch underground band The Ex in 2009. His work with the Ghanaian kologo star King Ayisoba got world wide attention and they have toured around the world together since 2012. Harald Austbø & Ineke Duivenvoorde