Vage Victis presents OOze (IT) & DJ Klapsalon

Club - Fri 5 April 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 23:00
End → 02:00

00ze: Moving his first steps through the multidimensional spaces of Macao, gone-but-not- forgotten squat center for experimental art practices in Milan, primordial OOze involves one of the early members of the Saturnalia festival crew and engine behind the mind- altering happenings and artifacts of Communion. Crafting soundtracks for chemical dreams as xàr num and twisted underwater dances with the trio Cortex of Light, he’s also one of the mind behind A.R.X. (Ambient Rave eXperience). Firmly rooted in the shadows of the diy global underground, with countless projects and appearances in different scenarios ranging from art institutions (MK&G Hamburg, Teatro India Roma, Cosmo Venezia) to squats and clubs (La Station, Passos Manuel, Atoma, OTB, Cox18), his mixes had been aired on NTS, Kiosk, Rinse FM, Noods, Radio Alhara, Sonidos Subteraneos, just to name a few. With tracks released on Artetetra/Communion, Comic Sans, Eska and Pho Bho, in its mutable shapes the OOze has spread over the years in spaces and happenings like Jazz is Dead (IT), Nextones (IT), Codex Club (DE), Cosmic Gathering (DE), Outernational Days (RO), Nyege Nyege (UG), Club Cocoon (BE). Superimposing ancient echoes and flash- forward insights, his mixes are as various as the moments in whom they happen or by whom they’re inspired: from ecstatic drifts beyond the wall of sleep to storms of percussions and noises spiralling close to the speed of light.

DJ Klapsalon channels his energy through the uncanny selection of idiosyncratic sonic creations originating from various depths across the globe. His reputation for the body moving and soul troubling crowd is thriving throughout the Universe, bagged with unsettling records he lays at dance meetings, listening gatherings, and radioshows.

Line Up:
OOze (IT)
DJ Klapsalon

Free entrance!