UUAHIB (exercise)

By Ratri Notosudirdjo
Rehearsal / Residency - Thu 16 September 2021
Landje Park Rotterdam
Start → 18:30
End → 19:00

Watch out for UUAHIB!

a twenty minutes street exercise created from textile, sound, and movement. These elements come together to express a world that exists beneath boundaries and moving landscapes.

Performer: Ratri Notosudirdjo was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Following her family’s immigration, she was raised in different towns and cities across North America. Her research and practice engage in de- and postcolonial theory, centring on contemporary mechanisms of the cultural and poetic identity and often forming new languages, new rituals, and new meanings from them. The works reconstruct these new forms through the exchange and bridging of cultural and existential realities, resulting from cross-disciplinary work processes that engage collaboration with an array of creatives in Rotterdam.

LOCATION (5min walk from WORM): Elementary school Landje