Under My Umbrella – Cabaret Night

Theatre / Performance - Sun 19 November 2023
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 18:00
End → 21:30

18:00 Doors open
18:30 Opening
21:00 Cabaret closes

Under My Umbrella is a creative platform that provides a stage for the members of the Dutch ballroom scene to develop as artists and makers. Just like an umbrella, Ballroom forms a space where we can escape the rain. It welcomes and celebrates what is often overlooked and not understood whether this is our cultural background, identity or sexuality.

For the second edition of Under My Umbrella, we dive into the category Sex Siren and explore the themes of Sex, Sensuality, Intimacy, Power, and Seduction. These themes are often predetermined for us, whether you are BIPOC, queer, trans or a woman. In Ballroom, Sex Siren is a category in which we can reclaim our sexuality. Much like cabaret during the Harlem Renaissance, Sex Siren gives black and queer people the space to explore sex and sensuality through performance art. That is why this edition of Under My Umbrella will happen in a cabaret setting with performances ranging from singing to dance and spoken word.

We invite the following artists to come and share their stories with us:
Dizzy, Otmar, Dalvin
Myriam Meret