Ukraine Fundraiser: from Mariupol to Rotterdam:

FIlm - Tue 31 May 2022
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 20:30
End → 23:00

The Empathy Cinema Club hosts a movie night of short films starring ‘the Ukrainian Rotterdam’: Mariupol.
Rotterdam and Mariupol are twin towns not just because they both have ports but also because they share a common destiny and an unwavering thirst for life. After countless airstrikes, rockets and fires, now there are almost no surviving spots in Mariupol. Just like it happened in Rotterdam in 1940.

In the near future, Ukrainian and Dutch architects will proceed to share experiences and work on the restoration of the city.
For now, together we can help to build a strong protection against aggression, and to stop a war that has taken so many innocent lives.
Make a small step by attending this charity film program, supporting the Ukrainian people to free themselves.

We will show six films of Ukrainian directors:
Compass dir. Oleksandr Surovtsov
Diorama dir. Zoya Laktionova
Ma dir. Maria Stoianova
Territory of empty windows dir. Zoya Laktionova
Me and Mariupol dir. Piotr Armianovski
Totally Stranger dir. Oleksandr Surovtsov

The recording of all films started in 2014, the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Memories worth your attention. Memories from which a new story begins.

Tickets are available through the organisation itself:

All proceeds go directly to vetted Ukrainian charities.