UBIK Performance Night w/ The Improvisatorium

improv workshop w/ Bram Komen and Nataly Wood
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 20:00
End → 23:00

The Improvisatorium is ready to open its laboratory doors. After years of research, all the data was erased and reset. The two founders are inviting you to become part of a 3-hour session of multidisciplinary improv art. Where we, as a collective, will find inspiration for creative connectivity and chemistry with ourselves and other participants to experiment and develop a new element of art.

This session consists of six phases, based on the animal that embodies transformation through its entire existence, the butterfly.

We will work together to move from one phase to the next till we reach the last phase. Here is a short explanation of these phases:

Phase 0: The Egg
Warm up and incubation of a central idea.

Phase 1: The Caterpillar
We collect endless inspiration through improvised exercises and other experiments that will occur. Until we are fat with ideas.

Phase 2: The Cocoon
We condense the inspiration and results of the experiments in a cocoon, where similarities and differences metamorphosize into solid assignments.

Phase 3: The Pop
We break the cocoon open and discover what shape the results may take. The group will divide itself into smaller teams to focus on parts of the new element of art.

Phase 4: The Butterfly
We assemble the elements of art and make them fit. Through symbiosis, these elements will take on a final shape.

Phase 5: Flight
We will give flight to our new element; we’ll perform and reflect upon it together as a new collective.
It’s too early to tell how these phases will actually be executed.
It’s impossible to determine what the new element of art will be.
The goal is to work and create with only what’s in the room.

To realise this, we have set some ground rules:
No telephones are allowed to be used in the workspace.

Participants need to be in the room from the start. Be on time or we will deny you access.
People in the room are all participants. Sometimes observing is necessary, but there is no passive audience.

Because of the improvisational nature of the experiment, any topic is possible to enter the collective mind. Provocative topics are to be handled with caution. We do not allow actual racism, the exploitation of physical boundaries, or any form of intimidation. These topics can be discussed or brought up, but they need to be handled with caution and be functional to the piece.

Please be aware of each other’s consent, beliefs, and boundaries.
We will try to make the experiment a hive-mind experience, where decision-making is done in a group. In the moment a decision comes to a stalemate, the laboratory personnel will have a final say.

Participants are encouraged but not obliged to bring physical material they are familiar or unfamiliar with. Make-up, musical instruments, dice, clay, finger puppets, etc. If you have something in mind that would need amplifying or other technical assistance, e-mail us at theimprovisatorium@gmail.com. We can make preparations in case we are able to use it or notify if it won’t be possible.


Bram Komen
Bram is an All-round improviser who has studied human creativity from every angle possible. He believes in everyone’s creativity and lives to make everyone believe in their own creativity.
“The open mind is an empty stage and an opportunity to share and meld your ideas with each other. A playground to (re)discover yourself and your creativity that can be forgotten through the grind we call everyday life”.

Nataly Wood
Nataly was always the shy one, until she discovered theatre at the age of 11, and then there was no coming back from that. Since then, she’s been experiencing and investigating theatre, performing, and visual arts as a tool for the development of social skills and "intense" interaction.