UBIK Performance Night w/ RADVLAD

Theatre / Performance - Fri 16 February 2024
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 18:00
End → 19:00

WORM’s UBIK Performance Night continues with a sensual multidisciplinary performer, who is jumping into their persona to shake the audience.
The performance takes place just before PLAYGROUND, make sure you catch both.
If you purchased a ticket to PLAYGROUND event, you can accsess the performance with it!!

RADVLAD is the musical project from North Macedonian, by Netherlands-based artist Vladimir Vidanovski.
After more than a decade of working as a visual artist, Vidanovski explores sonic expression, looking into crunchy pop sounds and deep raver beats as his main musical triggers.
Hopping around different genres and influences, with narrative-based direction in music that closely mimics his visual art, each track he creates is essentially a character navigating mountains of heavy arps, rivers of sparkly plucks and heavily thundering beats.
He produced his first EP and accompanying videos titled RADVLAD, released through Tender Matter in 2023 in Vienna. Playing between originality and cliché, RADVLAD jumps into a pool of rhythmic exploration stemming from contemporary club and pop music, exploring topics such as love, belonging, sexuality, compulsions, and identity.
Each of the five songs is accompanied by a video, part of a short film showcasing RADVLAD’s digital characters, manifested through the physical body of the artist.

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