UBIK Performance Night w/ Pre-gibni Pokret & The Mystery Ensemble

acrobatics & music
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 20:00
End → 21:00

UBIK Performance Night presents Pre-gibni Pokret. A project that explores ways of movement in a group, with a focus on acrobatics in relation to music. Pre-gibni Pokret is part of the Slovenian Association for Circus Pedagogy – Cirkokrog, which has been active in the field of social and contemporary circus since 2005. They are based in Ljubljana and operate internationally.

Movement artists present on the night: Matej Cerjak, Ema Herlec, Gala Jarc, Oton Korošec, Aleš Rojc, Anja Ropoša, Mojca Sovdat, Patricija Stariha, Jure Vidmar, Eva Zibler.

We are a collective of 13 movement artists who have been exploring our craft together for over a year, while our collaborating musicians rotate regularly.

Together with the musicians, we engage in a shared creative process encompassing elements such as rhythm, intensity, dynamics, tempo, and more. During our improvisations, every moment unfolds within a collaborative space, fostered by attentive listening, responsiveness, and mutual observation. Momentum builds and dissipates, fleeting expressions transform and fade away—a collective embodiment emerges from our individual contributions.

Movement sparks musical expression, while music in turn influences our movement; a continuous, reciprocal interplay unfolds."

Preview of Pre-gibni Pokret’s work

With this UBIK Performance Night, we are expanding the foundations built during Mystery Sessions – playful, participatory, community encounters of performers and improvisers from different disciplines (such as movement, music, performance and poetry) – conducted since 2021 by Tisa World at Worm. The movement artists from Pre-gibni Pokret will be accompanied by a group of local musicians – a.k.a. The Mystery Ensemble. Join us to see the collective explorations of movement, time and space, and witness the mystery unravelling!

We Are Public tikcets available at the door only.