UBIK Performance Night w / Jojo Knowles and Noemi Calzavara & c00

*Tickets: regular: € 5 euro/ Student ticket €3 (available at the door)*
Theatre / Performance - Fri 12 January 2024
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 20:30
End → 21:30


12 January 20:00 – 21:30 UBIK , two performances one night

Join us for a performance night with local and international artists that will expand our perceptions with visual & sonic performances about mycelium and nature’s mysterious connections.

That which swarms upon the earth by Jojo Knowles.

Invasive insects pose a threat to our stability, disrupting our sense of hygiene despite our efforts to maintain cleanliness. They persist in our environment, infiltrating our homes, beds, and even our bodies. The delicate balance between conquering and succumbing to these creatures prompts us to reflect on the intricate ways humans interact with, or attempt to avoid, such pests.

The parasitic dynamic is defined by dependence, raising questions about the tapeworm’s existence as it thrives at the expense of its host. In contemplating this relationship, we explore the notion of closeness in an unexpected context.

Imagine a visceral performance, an exploration of the parasitic relationship shedding its metaphorical skin within the confines of the intestines.

Jojo Knowles is an artist whose practice spans through performance, installation, sculpture, video, and writing to create an imaginative world that melds fear, humor, the abject, and childhood together to help one chew on the experience of daily life.

An insect that is human or a human that is also an insect. by Noemi Calzavara & c00
//dance and life music performnce//

"An emotional analysis of…" stems from a great fascination with ants above all, but insects in general.
The research explores fear, carefreeness, and an insect’s capacity for love—how does it love?
If we looked at ourselves from the moon, wouldn’t we humans be smaller than the little red spiders climbing rose petals?
An "insect-human-insect" does not exist in reality; therefore, the research ranges between science and emotionality, realism and fantasy, creating a hybrid psychology open to interpretation, which often eludes logic and rationality.
The artist tries to enter the body of an insect with the nervous system of a human, along with her questions and their fears.

Life for Noemi is an intimate, random and precious performance.
Understanding the body AS authentic expression AS well as a physical machine Noemi researches sensitive and meaningful gestures that deepens the connection with oneself and its own body. Every gesture holds a meaning. The intention is essential. Presence is thoughtful and heartfelt.

c00 music
For c00everything is a harmonic texture if only we learn to observe and listen, with total abstention from all judgment. Her ongoing research orbits around an obsessive fascination for noises and their influence on human subconscious and collective dynamics.

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