UBIK Performance Night w/ Don Vitalski’s legendary Tuesday Show. On Friday!

inevitable and inconsistent but energetic performance night!
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 21:30
End → 00:30

The legendary Antwerp-based Tuesday Club by Vitalski is coming to Rotterdam for a Friday night special! An inevitable meet-up between performers from Antwerp and from Rotterdam. With some 30 artists (we lost count along the way) performing for a maximum of 5 minutes each, some will find after 2 minutes that it’s been good, while others will have to be kicked off stage by the host. Expect music, literature, magic acts (maybe), costumes, burlesque, (Dad-)(A-)Politics, post-apocalyptic documentary here-and-now, embrace art and trash, a mix of English and Dutch, in short: please come to experience something and make friends at the bar in between!

Concept, host: Vitalski

With a.o. Hans de Booij ; Jenne Decleir ; Sven de Swerts ; Dame Delight ; Herman Brusselmans ; Nel & JP ; Nooit Nooit ; Tristan zonder Isolde ; Ernst Low ; Tisa Herlec ; Jacco Weener ; Albert Jongstra ; Johana Molina ; Lieuwe Zelle ; Anne Kolbe ; Nataly Wood ; De Duvel en De Bochelaar (Daryl Grootfaam) ; Chypko ; Kick Huender ; Gilbert van Drunen ; Dame Delight ; Bettie Barock ; Pon Pon Pidou