UBIK Performance Night // Poncili Creación

puppet show
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 20:00
End → 22:00

For our season closing ‘UBIK Performance Night’ WORM is thrilled to host "Poncili Creación", who are going to present Dirty Laughing Molecules !

A message from the makers: We invite you to try a soup of movement, matter, colors and sound. An interactive spectacle designed to give a good shake to everyday life in a multi-sensory kind of way, that will make the whole family laugh while still giving them goosebumps. A wordless talk about freedom and the power of creativity in the 21st century disguised as a puppet show. Giant creatures, wannabe dance movements and group exercises come together with the sole purpose of navigating the complex labyrinth of the mind with a feather and tickling your soul. Buen provecho!

Poncili Creación is a performance duo based in Puerto Rico that focuses on creating foam rubber sculptures to be brought to life. These sculptures, created to be manipulated by the human body or parts of it, with some as small as a coin and others as large as cars, are tools for creating whimsical power that stains reality. In their ritual/shows they attempt through a series of unorthodox methods to convince the audience that everything is possible.


The show will be accompanied by a local musician, who will join the performance and create the sonic atmosphere – more info soon.

We will see you after the summer break!