Opening @ De Boog: RaamMaar x Dorota Detlaf

art in the print shop
Art & expo - Tue 7 June 2022
De Boog Rotterdam
Start → 17:00
End → 21:00

Free expo at print workshop De Boog!
Address: Voorburgstraat 205, 3037 ER Rotterdam

For many years, De Boog ("The Arc") was a printing house for custom litographic work, run by ‘keetbaas’ Herman. But with the rising pressure on rents in the strongly gentrifying neighborhood, and under the motto "one is as much as none," Herman opened the workshop last year to a motley crew of artists, collectives, commons and sympathizers. Slowly De Boog evolves into an artistic cooperative focused on riso, screen printing, bookbinding, stencil, artist studios and also the nomadic bookshop KIOSK operates from this place.
From the interest to support this workshop and to be able to offer local artists a residency focused on printmaking, worm is part of this gang!

On June 7, KIOSK will present the opening of a new window exhibition by RaamMaar, while in the print workshop the first WORM resident Dorota Detlaf will share her work of the past months with an installation.

"During my the residency in De Boog, I created a book of stories written along the journey, embodying a nomadic spirit, presenting fragments of the dailiness and the surrealness of being in flux. The presentation of Fantasmagorie, the six stories book with etchings, will be accompanied by a six-piece installation, an attempt to create an absorbing experience and a transition into the world in which the book is immersed."
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RaamMaarinitiative originated as a result of what we considered an urgency; during the early 2020 outbreak of the Co-Vid19 Pandemic and its subsequent reinforced measures of social distancing within the community, the need for a local cultural cooperation developed. The specific circumstances created the conditions in which the urgency for intimacy and proximity was felt, and this lies at the core of what RaamMaar is as an autonomous artist run, alternative exhibition space. The essence of this platform revolves around the idea of simplifying and facilitating the relationship between the local neighborhood and the cultural community. Cultivating an approachable sense of exchange by focusing on small scale exhibitions and events that promote intimate experiences, awareness and a new perceptiveness. RaamMaar exposes the diversity of worlds, artworks and individuals all intersecting within a specific territory.
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KIOSK Rotterdam is a nomadic bookshop that distributes knowledge by publishing zines, printing flyers, and by selling books. KIOSK provides goods and gadgets for daily life. KIOSK is a place for production and consumption, an enterprise with a face. Make your dealer your healer. The parasite on cola light. K
KIOSK started in 2018 initially as a 3-month project at Galerie Lecq (former Kiosk) in Rotterdam curated by Marijke Appelman, but then found its second life in 2020 Pension Almonde, when Philippa worked as a janitor there, and started selling books from her reception desk. In 2021 the Almondestreet had to be emptied for (de)construction works. KIOSK is currently operating at De Boog print shop.
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