The Impact of Flavor: Day #2

multisensory storytelling through a 5-course vegetarian lunch
Theatre - Sun 11 July 2021
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 13:30
End → 14:45


multisensory storytelling through a 5-course vegetarian lunch

WORM presents a project that is finger-licking good. Yalou Groeneweg is graduating soon as an experimental and immersive journalist. Her goal is to make an impact on her audience and tell meaningful stories. She uses multisensory storytelling to make the experience as real as possible, and "The Impact of Flavor" is one of those experiences. This 5-course lunch will take you on an addictive journey of Rotterdam. You will not only see it with your own eyes but also feel, taste, smell, and hear it.

If you love food, storytelling and journalism, then this event is made for you!

"Journalism is the window to all the news in the world, an essential job. Why should we pour it in the same form over and over again? There are so many endless ways to tell stories. Why won’t we go on a creative adventure?" – Yalou Groeneweg

Let Yalou know if you have any allergies by sending her an email: