The Demonstration Collection and other Weird Record Grooves

making records by many means / FREE EVENT
Art & expo - Fri 27 October 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 16:00
End → 22:00

We invite you to explore the making of records by many means. Cutting and molding, recutting and repurposing vinyl – creating objects that look like they are a danger to your hifi system; but trust us, they’ll play too…

Our doors open at 16:00, so feel free to join us in nerding out about alternative modes of record cutting and making.
There will be stations present for listening to these creations, and opportunities to talk with the artists who engage with record making through unique practices. We have an exciting roster of artists in store:

Woodstone Kugelblitz who will show you how to make records out of woodglue.
You are invited to make glue-copies from their "Demonstration Collection featuring 7" records by Constante Macabre, Jonathan Bohman, Update Jammer, Xanadune, Le Forbici di Manitu, Midnight Mines, De Hoge Priesteres, Coolhaven, Antrianna Moutoula, Costes, Omni Selassi and Amber Baju. check it here

Jeroen Diepenmaat will be present to show his records. For instance the ones he recorded through an amplified hobby-knife or his cut + pasted folded up flexi discs. check it here

Peter Fengler has been producing wierdo records with DE(P)LAYER for decades, he will bring some along such as sound comics, rubber records, and cut sounds in cd-boxes. check it here

On the bill this evening from 20:30-21:00 there will be a live record cutting performance by Dylan Beattie. Some words about the artist:

Dylan Beattie is researching experimental record cutting at the university of Sussex, his approach is partly academic and partly hands on, messing with record lathes, cutting new sounds over existing records, tattooing tones into vinyl. He promised us he’ll haul his record-lathe over the canal for this event, for which we are very grateful! more!

In the margins of the event you’ll find a local record fair, where you can pick up the latest records from small Rotterdam labels.