The Animal Reader Special Edition

Talk - Thu 17 December 2020
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 19:00
End → 20:00

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The Animal Reader believes that people will have more compassion towards animals if the media talks about them as living beings and not “things”.

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Today: John Robb and Dale Vincent!
Dale Vince is the leading Green energy provider in the UK. He owns Ecotricity – the biggest wind power provider in the UK. He also owns Forest Green Rovers – the world’s only higher level vegan football club. Vince recently launched sky diamonds – making diamonds from air, and an initiative to put vegan food into 1500 primary schools.

John Robb is the renowned influential musician with the Membranes, boss of the Louderthanwar music website, festival promoter, author, vegan spokesperson, TV and radio presenter and cultural force.
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