Survivor Syndrome Symphony Day 1

by dreamdrift (UA)
Art & expo - Fri 5 May 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 20:00
End → 22:00

Survivor Syndrome Symphony
by dreamdrift, Hanna Aleksieieva (UA)

the installation premmiers at 20:00 and open till 22:00

About Survivor Syndrome Symphony

Survivor Syndrome Symphony is a multimedia album-installation created by Ukrainian composer and videoartist Hanna Aleksieieva under her ongoing project dreamdrift.
The album was created at WORM, a Rotterdam-based non-profit foundation and multimedia cultural center. This collaboration became possible due to the support from the Dutch government, which is providing grants for Ukrainian artists.
A selection of posts of Ukrainian bloggers on Facebook become the core of the future album. These texts, filled with meanings and emotions familiar to all Ukrainians, were written in the first days and months of russian invasion. Some – by soldiers in trenches, some – by people in besieged or occupied cities. They are filled with uncertainty and hope, but also strength to stand for your own and will to hold on and support each other. These texts were kept by Hanna to be later carefully translated into English and narrated in an ethereal sound and video experience.
As an album-installation, the Survivors Syndrome is tailored to be shown in the absence of the author. The music is played in the dark room with video being shown on three walls. The album consists of four tracks ten minutes long each.
The name of the album speaks for itself, as nowadays each Ukrainian who is safe from the war is actually a survivor struggling with understanding their place in the world. For Hanna, this work is an attempt to respond to all “How are you?” she hears from her EU friends. Sometimes it is impossible to answer a simple question with mere words. But it becomes possible with a symphony. Survivor Syndrome provides various answers.

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About dreamdrift
dreamdrift is a music and audiovisual project launched in 2013 by Ukrainian multimedia artist Hanna Alekseieiva.

The author herself describes dreamdrift as an art medium that combines music and video. The audiovisual experience is intertwined with verbal narratives, be it singing or reading. Her latest work is the album installation Survivor Syndrome Symphony, which deals with the devastating issues brought about by the war in Ukraine, but does not attempt to provide answers, but rather lights up questions, fears and hopes.

dreamdrift is shaped by the author’s everyday experiences, as her own life has been shaped by Russian aggression. Born in Sevastopol, Crimea, Hanna was forced to leave her hometown after the Russian annexation of the peninsula. History repeated itself in 2022, when Hanna left her newfound home in the suburbs of Kiev following the full-scale invasion. She currently lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Hanna received a grant for Ukrainian artists from the Dutch government and works with WORM, a Rotterdam-based non-profit foundation and multimedia cultural center.

For dreamdrift, Hanna creates electronic music featuring flute and voice recordings, while also doing the filming and videoediting part. Her atmospheric works offer a glimpse into the harsh reality of people balancing hope and sadness, anger and compassion. As she documents her personal experiences and acquaintances, she samples the surrounding context and wraps it in music, making it more evocative and immersive. The result can be trippy, intense or dreamy, surreal or straightforward. Dreamdrift is native to many genres, from classic to eclectic, from trip-hop to prog-pop.
The author’s previous works include two conceptual albums: once (2020) and .doc (2022). The first album was intended as an experiment and consists of tracks created in one day. The second album, released in January 2022, just one month before the full-scale invasion begins, is a collaboration with a group of contemporary Ukrainian poets, whose verses were set to music by dreamdrift.


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