Squish Pubquiz: Queertical Pizza #1

Squish queer pub quiz
Art & expo - Fri 30 July 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 20:30
End → 22:30

Welcome to one of the Queertical pizza nights (also [un]known as Squish pub quiz).

To be clear: WORM didn’t turn into a pizzeria, but you are more than welcome to order your own pizza and get it delivered during the event, the Squish team will make sure it arrives warm on your table.

QUEERTICAL PIZZA is a series of pub quiz on queer cultures and History. Squish pub quizzes are like homemade pizzas: a lot of options, a bit (sometimes too much) of everything, tailored made for a specific audience, gezellig, cute but with surprising visual aspect. This time, it will be a seated event with a maximum of 30 people; and each group of two quiz teams will be sitting 1.5 meters apart from the others. Beside providing love and queerness, we will offer to the 3 winning teams lovely sextoys given by our sponsors Enby & Other Nature.

This event will also be the official launch of our publication Fruity Zine; an exploration into queer ideologies and current thought that you will find on our merchandise table shared with Underbelly (Mariëtte who also organizes re#sister events has selected queer and feminist litterature. A good thing to know is that Squish publications and stickers are accessible to everyone regardless of their financial wealth because of their “give what you want or what you can” price.

The Fruity Zine is a publication released on a 6-week basis distributed in creative spaces across Rotterdam and for sale on our website. We launched this project with an exploratory radio show on the Squish radio channel produced from WORM, where we discussed as a team our experiences as queer people and the values that we hold close to our hearts as queer womxn, as a queer organisation, as queer artists, we called this the Fruity Manifesto. This list of values includes themes like recognition of fluidity, patience, loving anarchy, and they will act as themes for the upcoming issues of Fruity. This first issue includes an editor’s letter from publications director Maïté Moloney, a transcription of our group discussion about our values as queer people as well as some shots taken on the night from photographer Maja Faber, and a copy of our Fruity Manifesto.

There are more treats in store after the quiz! Check out Squish’s instagram for more information.


Squish is a Rotterdam based queer and feminist organization, aiming to celebrate genders and sexualities by offering a platform to Queer/LGBTQIA+ artists. The Squish team wants to highlight the political implications and the beauty of marginalized identities.

The organization was created at the beginning of 2020. Like a baby octopus, we spread our lovely tentacles on the Rotterdam cultural scene, and developed various programmes such as exhibitions, parties, magazines, radio shows… Squish helps its team members and audience to learn, strengthen our community, and exposes them to subjects that are underrepresented in mainstream media. It facilitates democratic dialogue, social links, community care and knowledge exchange. It’s a platform organized by and for proletarian underrepresented cultural makers. It offers emerging creatives (often young) work experience as well as a local network and visibility.

Other Nature

Other Nature, a feminist, queer, sex-positive, eco-friendly, and vegan sex shop based in Berlin generously offered 3 prices for the participants. Other Nature supports consensual sexual expression in all its many forms, bodily autonomy, and sexual self-determination. If mainstream sex shops are unappealing, and you’re tired of big business capitalism, in Other Nature you will find a fresh alternative. They are a collective run and owned sex shop since May 2021.

1st Prize; Miss Bi from Fun Factory (109.90 euros equivalent)

Lolita from Fun Factory and a Hathor Lube (34.90 +11.90 euros equivalent)3rd Prize; 10e Voucher for the shop euro equivalent

3rd Prize; 10e Voucher for the shop euro equivalent


Enby is a queer-owned online sex toy shop that strives to create a safer and more comfortable sex-toy shopping experience for the Queer community. Specifically centring trans, non-binary and other gender non-conforming people. They are also climate-conscious in that Every shipment is carbon-neutral and every sale funds renewable energy and forest conservation projects. Two per cent of all Enby’s profits are donated to a rotating list of small underfunded organizations focused on improving the lives of Queer/Trans People of Colour.

They offer a 50$ voucher for their shop (the company is US-based).

That event wouldn’t be possible without:

Worm Production team (Anka, Kas)

Worm Programmers (Charlien, Jan, Janpier)

Worm PR team (Nia, Richard, Agata)

Squish resident artist (Floor)

People on the floor:


Tech team (Robin & Ton)

Bar team (Kyra & Bram)

Mark & Nikki

Cleaning team (Laine)

Squish team (Zinzi, Maïté, Aubane)