featuring WORM Filmwerkplaats & WORM Studio
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 20:30
End → 22:30

improvised analogue audio-visual performance evening by three collectives in a web of unpredictable processes. With BMB con. (Justin Bennett & Roelf Toxopeus) Filmwerkplaats and Sound Studios represented by Albert Jongstra, Lukas Simonis en Mariette Groot.

BMB con. perform with all sorts of things (mirrors, microphones, trees, fire, ice) in all sorts of places (museums, forests, boats, concert halls, water tanks).

BMB con……
• "…are the most secretive sound and performance collective that can be found in the Netherlands."
• “…make guerrilla theater with hi- and lo-tech.”
• "……guarantees productions in which music, theater and film enter into a chemical marriage."
• “…are never quite in control of the mounting chaos..”
• "…manage to convince time and time again through the inventiveness with which advanced sound experiments are visualized."
• "…unpredictability, disruption and confusion."

BMB con. was founded by Justin Bennett, Roelf Toxopeus and Wikke ‘t Hooft in 1989. Since 2006 BMB con. consists of a core duo working together with a changing group of invited artists / performers. BMB con. incorporate electronic and acoustic music, film, video and physical theatre in their performances and installations. As well as these fleeting, sometimes unique actions, BMB con. make and publish audio CD’s, cassettes, videos and photography.

WORM Filmwerkplaats is an artist’s lab that provides a space for the production and audience building around analogue film. It has a well equipped analogue film lab, extensive knowledge on photochemical film techniques and facilities for hosting rehearsals and public events. The Filmwerkplaats is an association dedicated to a DIY analogue practice and gives space to almost 80 artists/members interested in working with photo-chemical film with an artistic and experimental approach.

WORM SOUND STUDIOS and the WAVEFORM RESEARCH CENTRE are internationally celebrated production spaces, part of a wider alternative network in the fields of radio art and underground music. The studio’s organisation has a wealth of DIY experience and facilities that are used by young programme makers, well-known musicians, sound artists and radio artists.

This evening of expanded cinema performances is part of the EU-supported SPECTRAL project and a (semi) improvised collaboration with BmB con. and WORM Studio.

SPECTRAL is a partnership of six European artist-run film labs – Baltic Analog Lab (Riga), Laia/Torre (Porto), Crater-Lab (Barcelona), Mire (Nantes), WORM Filmwerkplaats (Rotterdam) and LaborBerlin (Berlin) – whose goal is to support the creation of new works of performative analogue cinema.