Sounding Here w/ Kyle Gregory Price & YoKolina, NDNMK Solutions, “In Stillness” by Lola de la Mata

step into the unknown!
Concert - Thu 27 June 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 23:30

Sounding Here is a platform for experiments in any genre, welcoming all kinds of sound-worlds, curated by Christine Cornwell. We welcome our audience to step into the unknown and witness live art and performance which is alive and kicking!

YoKolina and Kyle Gregory Price

YoKolina and Kyle Gregory Price present a story about a moth and a caterpillar. Pre and post chrysalis, pre and post change. With costumes by YoKolina, percussion by Kyle and vocals from both, their story unfolds and yet another metamorphosis occurs throughout the performance showing how we can all keep growing and modulating.

YoKolina aka Johana Molina is an interdisciplinary fashion designer and performer. She is part of the RE#SISTER collective and is involved in musical projects such as the social-housing punk band Buurtbeheer and the experimental cumbia group Dooombiamberos. She is also a radio maker and co-creator of the film festival Cinema Colombiano.

Kyle Gregory Price is a genre-fluid Chicago based composer, percussionist, vocalist and performance artist who has been dabbling in all of the above for over 30 years. He has a long running family-friendly storytelling chamber band called The Lucky Trikes, co-founded with Deirdre Harrison, as well as a variety of solo projects and also improvises with many of Chicago’s free-jazz and experimental musicians. He is currently studying in the graduate Performance Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

NDNMK Solutions

Starting from the religious echoes of lent, the afterthought of carnaval. Confrontation and lukewarm participation. Shadows of catholicism in the province.

NDNMK Solutions (Djatá Bart-Plange (1993, Meijel, NL(NL-GH)): founder, CEO, and staff) is a Rotterdam-based, artist-run company that specialises in ideology management and whiteness-related consultancy. We provide sound-focussed memetic mind castles that serve as spaces of reflection, confusion, digression, and possibly ascension. Our projects are often narrative-driven and transdisciplinary – digital ecologies/structures where sound, short story, performance, image and point&click mutate/pollinate into exportable, likable, sharable, immersive pathworkings related to politics of knowledge, seductions of privilege, rituals of innocence, (new age) marketing strategies, etc.

In Stillness

A solo reworking of a duet presented previously at the Lisson Gallery and IKLECKTIK with performance artist Eve Stainton. Lola will explore the outer edges of the theremin’s electromagnetic fields as a means of pushing against another ‘body’. Slicing through air with the wood of her violin bow, she will generate her own energy and reflections. Sometimes, altering her form in architectural moments of stillness and suspension.

Lola de la Mata is a London born French/Spanish conceptual sound artist, composer, curator and musician (violin/voice/theremin). She harnesses improvisation in collaborative performances with fellow musicians, dancers and queer performance artists. Tinnitus and aural diversity are at the core of her research practice, inspiring glass, metal, and ceramic musical instruments. Her upcoming project Oceans on Azimuth was released May 8th, for which her gaze is focused on the architecture of the ear and its auditory illusions. She has received commissions from the Riot Ensemble, Zubin Kanga, Nonclassical, Lisson Gallery, Spitalfields Music Festival, Selina Thompson Theatre Company, and crafted soundtracks for experimental film, documentary, and the award winning feature film STOPMOTION by Robert Morgan.