Snackbar: Wax and Wane + Tes Damen

No way!
Concert - Tue 23 May 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 23:30

Snackbar! Music is our weapon. Sounds from the BeNeLux otherground are served with the following sauces (optional): Improv, Rauw, Nieuw, Anders.

Wax and Wane
What? A COCTEAU TWINS COVER BAND? Truly we live in the End of Times, awaiting Ragnarok. But listen up, hipsters, put away your battered copies of Love’s Easy Tears and stop mooching over your Pooh Sticks fanzines. Wax and Wane can pull that rarest of things off: hearing the Cocteaus’ musicke as you’d want to hear it: live!

Tes Damen
Tes Damen return to terrorise us a second time!! ROFFA’s SECRET. Glitch, noise, bangs, crashes, electronique mish-mash, a glorious noise. Locale-international ‘avant la lettre’.