Snackbar Solstice: Blanco Teta + Dripple6ix

Concert - Tue 20 June 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 23:30

Snackbar welcomes back one of the best live acts around, Blanco Teta from Buenos Aires! They are an aggressive, experimental rock project utlising edhy and distorted noise soundscapes and thunderous rhythm section topped by a cello used in a Heavy Heavy style. Blanco Teta began in 2017 and represent a great movement that connects with other transfeminist experimental collectives from the upcoming queer latinx scene. They are now working on Rompepaga, their third album, to be released in 2023.

Dripple6ix is from Roffa and brings some of the most enlightening hip hop around.

Sounds from the BeNeLux otherground are served with the following sauces (optional): Improv, Rauw, Nieuw, Anders.