Snackbar: Andrea Giordano (ŌTONN) + na ja

Concert - Tue 18 July 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 23:30

na ja questions what good music is. Is it virtuosity? Is it energy? Is it loudness? Is it a well written band bio? Is it well executed interplay? Is it frantically hitting your instrument as harsh as possible? Is it screaming random shit into the microphone? Is it giving a fuck? Is it not giving a fuck? Is it about farting something out more than necessary? Is it dubstep? Is it rebelling against fascist regimes? Is it wondering if all of this is even worth it? Is it building up a fanbase who supports you unconditionally? Is it learning how not to kill a bonsai tree? Is it faking till you make it? Is it becoming best friends with billionaires? Is it becoming mentally stable? Is it knowing the difference between F# and Gb? Possibly it’s some of the above. Listen in here.

Andrea S Giordano is an Italian musician based in Oslo. Composer, improviser, singer and multi-instrumentalist developing her language with Piedmontese dialect and harmonic juxtapositions. She is going to release an album with her large ensemble Àlea, her first solo produced during the residency at the Elektronmusikstudion EMS (Stockholm) and she is currently working with the long-lasting duo ŌTONN and other artists such as Ingar Zach, Stefano Battaglia and John Andrew Wilhite. She is currently curating the concert series Improverk.