Shame on You! Performing the worldwide archive of shame

Storytelling performance of international archive of shame
X Performance - Fri 13 May 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 20:00
End → 22:30

Shame On You

Join us for a live storytelling performance with recorded stories on shame, interventions by some fine fine storytellers, some songs and live drawings! Free Entrance. We start 20h. Bring your friends, have a drink and enjoy!

Is shame one of the strongest emotions human beings can carry?

For some years, artists Trixa Arnold and Ilja Komarov recorded stories on shame. Those are collected in a worldwide archive of shared shame, both online and as a publication. Now, these memories are staged in very informal and small-scale performances around the world.

Today Trixa and Ilja are in Rotterdam to bring these stories to you! Join the event will be a talented storyteller Anastasis Sarakatsanos and he ’s bringing Gus Moystad and Sinead O’Brien. Let’s share, sing and shame together!

Also, for one night only exhibition by visual artist Eye.Wrote. Additionally, they will be doing some live painting of the event and we invite you to take up a pencil too!

Where? In WORM’s Gallery! Boomgaardsstraat 69 (in the alley, behind the staircase below the yellow glowing sign)

When? Friday, 13 May 20:00-22:30

Free enterance. Bar open.

This event is in English. (And different kinds of DIY English. And we’re not ashamed of it.)

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Adress Stationsweg 7, 4101 NG.

22 May – Performance at Hansko Visser’s Boat in Groningen @19.30 (event link)
Adress Spilsluizen 1007, 9712 NR

In the 90s Trixa Arnold and Ilja Komarov were touring Europe with the punk-pop trio Les Halmas. For two years they lived in St. Petersburg/RU and played with Russian musicians from the jazz-, pop- and electronic music scene. They moved to Zurich in 2003 and have been active in the independent theatre scene ever since. Since 2007 they have been bringing theatre projects to the stage together. Music is an important part of all their projects. What they like about theatre is that the physical presence of the actors and the audience is a necessary part of every performance. Their work can also be shown in other venues than theatres. In this way, they can reach audiences that usually do not go to the theatre. The term "contemporary travelling theatre" is an apt description of what they do. They deal with formats that invite the audience to become involved in the exploration of a theme. They live in Zurich.

Check out their website here

Watch trailer russian tour 2021 here

Anastasis is a musician, composer, theater producer and storyteller. WORM was lucky to meet him through Mezrab house of Stories where he organized countless full house nights. Now he works independently, still organizing and telling stories day and night, always exploring new formats and styles.
IG: @nomadmusicamsterdam

Sinéad is a wandering Storyteller and Theatre Maker from Ireland. Following countless shows in Fringe Festivals across Europe and after working as a Storyteller in Ireland’s National Leprechaun Museum, Sinéad found herself working as the Resident Storyteller for a 130 year old anti-poverty charity in London’s East End. Sadly, Brexit ripped her away from her attic room and sent her wandering again across Europe. So far Amsterdam has been very kind to her. Sinéad usually works in collaboration, sourcing and developing stories and scripts for live performance.
IG: @sineadocupaintae

Gus Moystad is an artist, writer and live-storyteller based in Amsterdam. Through material research, interdisciplinary practice, and tender, psychedelic images and organic forms, he continues to expand a unique and strange secondary world in which his characters and images take place. His interest in fantasy, utopia, bodies, identity, history and politics means his work spans fiction and non-fiction but can always be drawn back to comment on the world around us.
IG: @goose.moystad

Artist Eye.Wrote is intrigued by the potential of visual art forms in addressing current politico-social issues. What bodies, voices, and stories are missed or misreprepresented?As an awkward child, drawing on books, seats, and walls was their way to connect with others and make friends. But it soon turned into more than just a hobby. As an illustrator and storyteller they keep track of everyday moments and feelings through lines and words.
Their Website here!
IG: @eye.wrote