Roffa Film Club: S23 E1

FIlm - Wed 4 October 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 17:00
End → 18:30

After a well deserved holiday, Roffa Film Club is back!

For those unfamiliar with us: Roffa Film Club is a monthly film event where aspiring filmmakers get to showcase their work and discuss it amongst an audience of peers and enthusiasts. Each month filmmakers can submit their short projects (5-10m.), as long as it’s free work (no commercials).


Email your work AT THE LATEST SEPTEMBER 23rd to

We prefer a link where we could download the work. (WeTransfer, MyAirBridge, etc)

First come, first serve!

Reserve your ticket here for €4, we’re excited to have y’all back!