Radio WORM #273

Broadcast - Fri 3 September 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 12:00
End → 22:00

Vrijdag 3 september

1200 Sonosphere Lucija Gregov & deep listening

1300 Woodstone Kugelblitz Apocalyptic Community Art

1400 Earbitten with Radboud Mens, intelligent electronics & beyond

1600 Tada!. Plantwave with Buxusbitch

1700 Fucking Good Art Radio Shelter for daydreams: a weekly series of field-recordings, excursions, reportages, talks, readings and contributions. How do we want to live? What role can art play in this?

1800 De HiFi Show with Janpier Brands, international popmusic listening experience

1900 Mixed Business sonic experiments, outsider products, outtakes, trash, mind control, memes etc. mixed by Florian Cramer

2000 Clube Baixo Augusta DJ Nico Ockerse met vooral Indy Muziek uit Zuid Amerika

2100 DöRöT’s Undulating Frescoes As in savoring ceilings of sounds [while potentially staring at actual ones] by Suzana Lașcu.