Radio WORM #258

Broadcast - Tue 17 August 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 11:00
End → 23:00

Dinsdag 17 augustus

1100 Smoothieman Comes Alive At the margins of experimental impro spiritism open source ectoplasmic. What is in de bottle of the Smoothyman? With Vincent Denieul & Lukas Simonis

1200 random radio

1300 An old and a new show from the radia network, a community of stations around the globe that make radio in new and forgotten ways.

1400 Dr Klangendum radio art & beyond, with Lukas Simonis

1500 Random radio

1900 Pirate Bay presents: Stonerama Radio

2000 MEMES a show by Allie & Francis about memes: what do they look like, how much you should feed ’em, how can they be kept safe & warm

2100 Drone Candy met Reinhard Bogaard