Radio WORM #242

Broadcast - Thu 29 July 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 12:00
End → 23:00

Donderdag 29 juli

1100 Drone Candy Uw gastheer is Reinhold Bogaard met een uur lang onmisbare niet-essentiele cultuur. Vandaag hebben we een gevarieerd programma met The Seven Mile Journey, Gonzalo Almeida, Minimum en het Hypnodrone Ensemble.

1200 Vitamina Mina Kim presents ‘vitaminful’ (electroacoustic, eccentric, and experimental) sounds from South Korea.

1300 KOSMOS KLUB….a bi-monthly hour long musical excursion to the stars courtesy of Ajay Saggar’s record collection. Expect a mind melting mix of psych, punk, krautrock, dub, electronica, free jazz, world, and other hully-gully jams that are pulled off the shelves. So strap yr belt and hold on tight for liftoff! With Ajay Saggar.

1400 Resister with Mariette Groot: spotlight op vrouwen in de avant garde.

1500**Tada!** Een ongehoord, daverend program met Donjeboy & Buxusbitch.

1600 Radio Orca music from the Jan Rodenburg vaults, forward in all directions.

1700 Hoekboud Michael Lewis: Draai enkel vinyl en behoor tot het eclastieke geloof; uit van alles het beste en rekbaar. Play only vinyl and adhere to the eclastic faith; out of many the best and stretching it.

1800 Squish An organic spontaneous open mic programme featuring queer and LGBT+ people from the local creative scene, with Aubane Squish.

1900 HORIZON with the Mighty Gerson & Rowan van As. Lost and found horizons within an artful and soundlike context.

2000 DET Thursday An immersive journey into a wormhole of curated music, forgotten movies and ideators, guided weekly by DET aka Auryn and Ruta.

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