QUEER STAGES Day 2 – Queer The Stage (Film) + Bogolepov performance

"Across and Beyond"
Festival - Sun 28 August 2022
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 19:30
End → 00:00

Queer Stages is an initiative by Katya from Berlin’s wonderful queer music band, SADO OPERA.

Expect a two-day coming together of communities, a meeting of minds and a celebration of all that is good in the world. Energies are to heal, to connect, to rebuild the present and to imagine better futures.
Queer communities from Rotterdam have a chance to meet their Berlin-based russian cousins.

Programme 28th:
We show the new film Queer the Stage, (Viktor Visilov) and enjoy a performance from Berlin-based performer and musical artist, Bogolepov.

QUEER THE STAGE is a story about the past, present, and future of queer performance art; about a type of art that reinvents the way of being human today. The film is based on several books and hundreds of articles, archival materials, videos of contemporary performance artists and found footage. The project shows the history of queer performance art in the 20th century, its struggle for attention and influence and that radical potential for the transformation of corporeality, social relationships, and intimacies that it offers.

The film runs for 40 minutes.

Expect informal talks and "pop-up" workshops too.

Part of the Vera Groningen x WORM Oostwaards! Series.