Pantropical – online edition: Cao, Derozan, Blondewednesday, Etto Pacoste

Concert - Thu 25 March 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 23:00

Pantropical announces their first event of 2021! For this online edition, Cao’s live set will convert her concept of the dynamics of migration into a palette of phantasmagorical sound. Both Derozan and Blondewednesday will explore the space between composition and danceability and Etto Pacoste will take care of the visual side of things in an expert manner.

Keep your ears and eyes open.

Cao (PE | Opal Tapes, Club Chai)
Constanza Bizraelli, aka Cao, is a Peruvian electronic music composer, producer, sound artist and philosopher. The name Cao comes from the archaeological site of the Cao pyramids in northwest Peru, one of the homes of the ancient Moche civilization (a pre-Inca culture that thrived on the coast of Peru between 100-700 AD). Peruvian ancestral, iconographic and cosmogonic elements have deeply influenced Constanza’s eclectic style. Her sound is informed by a wide spectrum of genres ranging from harsh industrial, dark tropical minimalism and Amazonian folklore. It is composed of a hybrid base of analogue synthesizers, field recordings, granular synthesis, and vocal experiments. Next to making music she hosted a monthly show called ‘Subterranean Odyssey’ at NTS radio, and is an editor of the open-access academic journal ‘Cyclops’.

Derozan (NL)
In his spellbinding DJ sets, Derozan strings together electro-acoustic compositions with a wide array of sounds commonly referred to as global dance music. Drawing inspiration from the forgotten sounds of the past and future, he blends this all with a certain frame or picture in mind, resulting in something like a musical score. Inspired by cinematography, he molds music into a timeless spiral to lose your mind to; a story for another day.

Blondewednesday (PT / Roffa)
Blondewednesday’s ears are never turned off. She traded her home country Portugal for Rotterdam to revel in the open space between club microcosm and the field of sonology. Along the way, she also developed a penchant for pantropicalisms. All of this will shine through in her omnivorous DJ set.

Etto Pacoste (Roffa)
Hard intern at etto space. Does most excellent visual work linked to alternative computer game development and other unorthodox interactive things.


Eventflyer / artwork: Jonathan Castro |