a Portuguese Masterpiece from the late nineties
FIlm - Wed 25 October 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 20:30
End → 22:30

by Teresa Villaverde
1998, Portugal, 113 min., Portuguese with English subtitles

screened in its original 35mm format

Three homeless teenage rejects struggle to survive together, as they forsake juvenile homes and foster care on a path that leads to petty crime and sexual exploitation. Andreia is facing an unplanned pregnancy, while Pedro and Richard hustle, steal and are exploited by a pornographer.

Director Teresa Villaverde, renowned for her insightful exploration of complex emotions and societal issues, originally intended a documentary on homeless children. When the government declined cooperation, she transformed her research into a screenplay, offering roles to the children she encountered.

Os Mutantes is the second part of OS MUTANTES, a new monthly screening series at WORM, inspired by this very film. The series focuses on the concept of the mutant as a way to reframe growing up as a transformative process, rather than the typical "coming of age" narrative that often feels focused on individual success and self-improvement. The series will include films by Catharine Breillat, Lucrecia Martel, Paul B. Preciado, Gregg Araki, and many others.