Online Only: Photographic Garden

Alternative image making processes: lecturer: Hannah Fletcher
Workshop - Sat 26 June 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 16:00
End → 18:00

A series of lectures & research workshops, filmic try-outs and presentations hosted by Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam.

The Photographic Garden project sees Filmwerkplaats researching (and developing) photochemical processes that do not unduly burden the environment. This involves developing processes based on plants and home-garden-kitchen ingredients with low toxicity. An alternative chemistry that will yield a different, new film aesthetic. One in which the (chemical) components and their origin come to the fore and the physical processing of the (film) emulsion during the DIY process is emphasised.

Working with analogue film involves a large number of chemical processes. To make the invisible (latent) image that is formed by the exposure in the light-sensitive layer of photographic film material visible, a number of “development” steps are necessary. This laboriousness is an intrinsic part of the changed process of making film, the transformation from a once industrial production process to an artistic, hands-on (Do-It-Yourself) ‘alchemically’ oriented production process. It is this fascination with materials and processes that increasingly characterizes analogue film culture. Film as an empirical and tactile research field, a photochemical playground!

There will be 6 online public lectures open to anybody with an interest in film. Tickets are FREE

26 June 2021 Saturday 16:00-18:00 CEST- Lecture 1

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Alternative image making processes: lecturer: Hannah Fletcher

In this lecture, Hannah will discuss ways in which images can be made by and held within non conventional substrates, byproducts and organic materials. The session will encourage research and experimentation using organic techniques and processes that have recently been tested in the experimental photography circuit to see if it is possible to transfer these to the medium of film. Processes in which characteristics of a certain plant or fungi can be utilised in the image making, such as spore printing, anthotypes, chlorophyll printing and soil chromatography. This topic is dedicated to direct film, a method in which the artist works directly on the surface of a piece of film, using the base as a carrier of images.

Hannah Fletcher

Hannah Fletcher is a London based artist, working with cameraless photographic processes, initiator of The Sustainable Darkroom, Co-director of London Alternative Photography Collective and a facilitator of sustainability within the arts. Hannah Fletcher’s work intertwines organic matter such as soils, algae, mushrooms and roots into analogue photographic mediums and surfaces. She does this while simultaneously exploring environmentally and ecologically-focused issues. Working in an investigative, pseudo scientific and environmentally conscious manner, Hannah combines scientific techniques with photographic processes, creating a dialogue between the poetic and political.