Theatre / Performance - Sun 26 May 2024
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 17:00
End → 18:00

O. Festival x WORM present an absurdist dinner with an anti-choir
Singing Club Rotterdam (NL)

O. Lab: Sing With Your Mouthful is an absurdist performance, led by vocalists and composers TiSiTi (Tara Reece, Ceola Tunstall-Behrens & Tisa World) in collaboration with Singing Club Rotterdam, an anti-choir for all voices. The performance invites the audience to take a seat among the performers and eat, sing, talk and break the rules over three courses of an evening banquet. As the dinner proceeds things get messy physically and sonically. Can you eat while singing? Can you gargle with sound? Can you sit still? Can you uphold dining conventions and etiquettes? What happens when you don’t?

Research question: How to co-compose with a collective (Singing Club Rotterdam)? Focus of composition is around themes of collective eating, sharing food, dining, etiquette and decency. We plan to work with community-building practices and play with the position of the audience within the work.

About O. Lab
O. Lab offers the audience a peak into the theatre makers’ rehearsal rooms. Something that is normally reserved for the select few… Artists will share their research questions. As the visitor, you are invited to watch and express your valuable opinions about prototypes and works in progress. O. Lab in WORM is one big creative space and you will be sitting in the front row as the processes unfold!

Duration 40 min
Tickets €10 // Day Ticket €35
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