Theatre / Performance - Fri 17 May 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 17:00
End → 18:00

O. Festival x WORM present Paul Boereboom & Leon Rogissart, Muziektheater Transparant (BE)
Get closer to yourself through a virtual encounter with others

O. Lab: Conversations with the inner is a musical theatre ritual in which Paul Boereboom and Leon Rogissart combine the power of VR technology and live performance. A participatory event that addresses current themes of self-reflection and inner dialogue. The aim of O. Lab: Conversations with the inner is to bring the spectator, through an encounter with the other, closer to himself. “We want to mix virtual and physical worlds and further explore how to combine a holistic combination of the four components XR, scenography, music and live performance in our new XR work Conversations with the inner.” – Paul Boereboom & Leon Rogissart

Research question: In what way can an encounter with another person give me more insight into myself? Are we as humans so conditioned that we can no longer – or dare not – trust our own bodies?

About O. Lab
O. Lab offers the audience a peak into the theatre makers’ rehearsal rooms. Something that is normally reserved for the select few… Artists will share their research questions. As the visitor, you are invited to watch and express your valuable opinions about prototypes and works in progress. O. Lab in WORM is one big creative space and you will be sitting in the front row as the processes unfold!

Duration 40 min
Tickets €10 // Day Ticket €35
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