Theatre / Performance - Mon 20 May 2024
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 17:00
End → 18:00

O. Festival x WORM present Rajae El Mouhandiz (MA/DZ/NL)
Gnawa rhythms, Coltrane’s spirit and Islamic mysticism

A Love Supreme is more than a performance, it is a journey. A journey that began in 2008 with Rajae El Mouhandiz’s fascination with the spiritual power of Gnawa music, John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme and the intersections of both traditions, within her North African and Islamic roots. In O. Lab, she explores the deeper connections between these two musical traditions, which seemingly seem so different, and the role of Islamic spirituality in both.

During the performance, we are taken on a musical journey of discovery. We hear new compositions by Rajae, inspired by trance-inducing Gnawa rhythms, Coltrane’s saxophone reaching for the sky, and in between, the stories and insights of musicians, historians, musicologists, Islamic scholars and thinkers. A Love Supreme is a dynamic dialogue between cultures, traditions, disciplines and religions. It is a performance for anyone open to new musical experiences, who wants to learn more about the power of music, the influence of mystical Islam and the resulting musical traditions on Jazz, the beauty of musical dialogue and the connecting mystical dimension of Islam.

About O. Lab
O. Lab offers the audience a peak into the theatre makers’ rehearsal rooms. Something that is normally reserved for the select few… Artists will share their research questions. As the visitor, you are invited to watch and express your valuable opinions about prototypes and works in progress. O. Lab in WORM is one big creative space and you will be sitting in the front row as the processes unfold!

Duration 40min
Tickets 10 // Day tickets 35
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