NOODLE BAR with Richard Scott, Action Group, Biyi Amez & more

Module builders, synth workshops & great music
Concert - Sat 23 March 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 02:00

*The Noodle Bar is back!!! * After years of Covid, Not Enough Modules and other distractions we’re gonna put up some Noodle Bar events this year, this being the first one. Expect: module builders, Synth Workshops , great music made by Non-Artificial Intelligence… and so on. The WORM studio’s will be open for inspection and the WAVEFORM RESEARCH CENTRE will finally open and people can book the room!

Richard Scott
Richard Scott is Berlin-based creator and performer of forward-leaning electronic and electroacoustic music. Once a saxophonist focused on free jazz and group improvisation, for the past two decades he has been working intensely with a variety of technologies, methods and musical forms. In recent years he has concentrated his energies on creative composition, improvisation and production, with a particular emphasis on analogue modular synthesisers; including those remarkable instruments created by Don Buchla, EMS, Serge Tcherepnin, Émilie Gillet and Rob Hordijk.

Biyi Amez
Biyi Amez (1970) or simply Biyi was a producer of hip hop and electronic music for 25 years, well known in Spain for releasing the first instrumental Hiphop 3-lp in Spain in 1998 called "La máquina del tiempo". Biyi worked for a few years as a music producer for various groups in Spain and as a sound engineer in audiovisual studios creating special effects for movies, television and cartoons. Biyi Amez is a professional Thereminist, capable of interpreting with the theremin from experimental music to classical music. He has designed and follows many sound devices.

Relationship with Rob Hordijk:
Around 2012, Biyi met Rob Hordijk at a Benjolin workshop in Palma de Mallorca. After the workshop Rob and Biyi talked about the possibility that Biyi could build one of Rob’s modular synths. From that moment they worked together, building modular systems and dozens of Blippoo boxes. In fact, 90% of the Blippoo boxes people get their hands on are built by Biyi in The Hague. Rob had wanted to go live in Mallorca for years and set up a company there, but unfortunately Rob received the news of his illness and everything stopped. From that moment Biyi began to take care of Rob to help him have the happiest and most comfortable time. Biyi helped with his health and spiritual calm for more than a year. On September 6, 2022 Rob passed away peacefully in Palma de Mallorca. Rob’s last wish was to leave Biyi his entire legacy.
Now is the time to continue building and designing new paths of sound creation, to make people happy. In the short term future, Biyi will surely continue building the blippoo box, benjolins, etc… and other new ones that he created himself. The first object is the Gibber V3, the object of the workshop.
Smile, breathe and go slowly Biyi, life is good!!! (Rob Hordijk 18 April 1958 – 6 September 2022).

Action Group
The nature of Action Group -Alex Maiolo & Nick Williams- is to make a disposable piece of music that changes over the course of the tour as we move into different countries. On that level, it’s concept stuff, but on another, it comes out the other end sounding like a mix of Electro, Motorik, Ambient, and very early Detroit Techno.
It’s very danceable but also works for background. We tailor the show to the space and crowd. On this tour we will play a vinyl themed wine bar, a festival, former squats, and live Kiosk Radio in Bruxelles. I think the best way to think of it is like a DJ set in that regard, only with modular synths instead of vinyl. We have played Resident Advisor events, backed up Junior Boys, Hagop Tchaparian, Colloboh, Dan Deacon, and been on the same stage as Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Barker, and Carl Craig. We always go over well. The visual element of the modular stuff is really engaging.

Roey Tsemah
Dive into an evening of exploration and creativity with Synthux Academy’s live performance, featuring the Simple Synth DIY kits. This event is a playground for electronic musicians, showcasing the incredible potential of community-designed instruments on the Simple Synth platform. During the performance we’ll create an ambient composition in real time, sampling, looping, and manipulating sound using custom effects to craft an immersive soundscape. All instruments we use are made with the Simple Synth DIY kits and designed by community members from around the globe.
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